Selfish Act of the Day

[Some background…] As soon as I was old enough to donate blood, I tried to do so as often as is allowed (every two months). I was on a pretty good streak until one day my blood drop didn’t fall fast enough in that weird blue liquid. Apparently my body had had enough and was like, “hey lady, why don’t you just keep your blood to yourself for a while?” For the next few years I was on-and-off anemic, and when I wasn’t actually technically anemic, my iron levels were still on the low side–too low to donate. It was kind of a bummer, especially since the Red Cross kept calling and asking me to donate again (when your blood type is O-negative, you’re kind of a big deal to the Red Cross people).

When I finally decided to try again, it was a success. My iron levels were fine, I didn’t pass out (always a plus), and I got to eat as many free cookies as I “needed.” Hurray! Unfortunately, I made the mistake of meeting some friends out at a bar later that night. You know how they tell you not to drink alcohol for 24 hours after donating blood? Listen to them. You think that it just means you’ll save a little money because you’ll only need to drink one beer to feel the effects you usually need two or three beers to feel. What it really means is that after drinking just half of a beer, you’ll be convinced that you’re dying. Can you strongly not recommend something? If you can, then this is something I strongly don’t recommend.

[And now, my selfish act of the day…] There was a blood drive at Wachusett today from 1 to 7. I got home from work with plenty of time to go wait in line and still probably get out of there before it was over. And I really did plan on going. I swear. Until I realized that if I donated blood tonight, I’d probably have to skip my 5-miler at lunch tomorrow. And apparently that was something I was ultimately unwilling to do.


So to the three people whose lives I could have saved with my donation: I’m sorry I suck. Hopefully there were a lot of less-selfish people who showed up today to be your hero. Someday I’ll make it up to you. I promise.

Pretend I’m the cat (although I’m really not nearly as cute), and the ball is my blood. NONE FOR YOU.

In other news, today’s 4-mile lunch run–though a little slow–was spectacular. The weather turned out to be perfect, and we (it was going to be a girl run) were able to convince one of the guys to come with us. I’m sure it probably had something to do with our running tights. We had to turn around a bit earlier than usual due to some afternoon meetings, but other than that it was wonderful. So there’s that.

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