I Have No Self-Control

Somehow, despite this year’s Thanksgiving gathering being twice as big as usual, I ended up bringing more leftovers home than ever before. This was pretty exciting, until I realized yesterday that all of the stuffing was already gone. Since I can’t make leftover turkey sandwiches without stuffing, I had to think of something else to do with all of the food.

So I decided to make a turkey pot pie for dinner tonight, which was brilliant because it used up the rest of the turkey, carrots, and peas. It also meant that my trip to the grocery store was incredibly cheap (all I needed was a little onion). I used this recipe, with some modifications (mushrooms are gross, olive oil is better than canola oil, and I used regular wheat flour in place of the all-purpose stuff). Then I thought I would be extra smart about all of this and make mini pot pies using a muffin tin instead of just throwing it all in a baking dish. It’ll be easier to eat a reasonable amount this way,  I thought. And it’ll be easy to take leftovers to work tomorrow!  I was pretty proud of myself for thinking ahead, which doesn’t happen all that often.

Sadly, when it came time to eat, all of that thinking ahead meant nothing. Tim worked late and came home super hungry. I was ravenous from waiting so long (in a house that smelled delicious). And those cute little pies were so damn good that we each ate six of them.

Pot pie carnage.
(And lucky for me, Tim will probably do the dishes tomorrow!)


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