Confession #2: I’m secretly a dirty hippie who hates taking showers (don’t judge me)

Ok, maybe it’s not so secret. My family knows. Tim and the cats know. Most of my friends and co-workers know. And now the internet knows. So that’s pretty much everybody, yeah? And actually, it’s not even entirely true. Let me explain:

Growing up, everybody in my house showered every day. I honestly can’t remember a time that my mom left the house without showering first. I’ve always been different from the rest of them (my cousin affectionately referred to me as the “black sheep” of the family over the holiday), so in an effort to be like everyone else in some way, I also took a shower every day. I’m sure I probably skipped more than a few, but for the most part I think I took one every day throughout middle and high school.

Then came college. I rowed most seasons, so still took a shower most days, at least during the season. But not every  day. And, being in a dorm for the first two years, I was in mostly good company. As I progressively started to take fewer showers per week, I realized that I really just didn’t enjoy them, and would save them for “special occasions” like date nights, the occasional intense gym workout, or when I accidentally touched goose shit while pushing off the dock during crew practice.

I lived on my own for a while right after college, which was particularly great because there was nobody to judge me if when I went three or four days without bathing. I mean, my cat probably gave me some weird looks, but what did she know?

I wish it could just be more socially acceptable to shower less frequently.

And now I shower like, twice a week. Which I realize is probably kind of gross, especially since I run a lot more now than I did six years ago when I first learned I could get away with bathing every other day or every two days. I just can’t help it! It’s not even the shower part that I hate, so I guess it’s a little unfair to say “I hate showering.” I actually love being in the water, and I love how warm I it is. When I do shower, I stay in there for a ridiculously long time because it feels so nice. What I really hate is after showering. I hate getting dressed while feeling wet. I mean, I’m a pro at toweling off…there’s not a drop of water anywhere on me once I’m done drying myself. But my skin still feels weird (too moist) post-shower, and putting clothes on right away feels gross. I need a solid 30 minutes to sit around in a towel dress or bath robe to completely air dry. Obviously that’s not always an option, so instead I just skip showering altogether.

If you can get away with it, you should try showering less too. I promise, it’s not as bad as it sounds. It saves water, which is good for the environment. Your utility bill will be a little cheaper since you aren’t using as much hot water. And your skin and hair will actually be healthier (seriously!). As long as you still wash your face and put on some deodorant every day, you’ll be fine! So here’s the deal: you skip your shower tonight, and I’ll go take one right now because I’m pretty sure I haven’t since Saturday.

Ready, break!

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  1. lol look forward to your blogs Heck, I’M even thinking of buying compression socks —- but not lime green!!!

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