Snowboard Weekend!

At least I got to enjoy it while it lasted…hopefully it comes back soon

In anticipation of opening on December 1st, Wachusett had been blowing snow every night last week. I don’t get to drive by it on my way to work anymore, but Tim had met some friends there a few mornings before work to skin a few laps, so I knew they were making good progress. They made such good progress, in fact, that they were able to open a day early, which obviously meant that any other plans I may have had for Friday night were pushed aside. (Fortunately, there weren’t any other plans.)

SO delicious.
SO delicious.

Friday was yoga day at work, which was good because it meant my lunch break wasn’t quite as long which meant I could leave a little earlier than I do on running days. I boogied home, fed the cats, got all my stuff ready, and headed to the mountain to meet Tim and his friend Jared for a parking lot beer and peanut butter cup-stuffed peanut butter cookie (a delightful treat made by Vincent’s, which is conveniently located within walking distance of my apartment) before heading over to the one open lift. Despite there only being one lift/two trails open, I had a really good time. The conditions were decent enough, it was pretty quiet, and I got to bro out with Tim, Jared, and our other friend, Chip. Unfortunately, after about five runs on the same trail, we were getting a little bored. So Jared came back to our place for more beers, some pasta, and a badass ski movie. The night was definitely a win.

I woke up to snow falling on Saturday, which I was sort of expecting. What I didn’t expect was that it would continue to snow pretty much all day! It didn’t snow hard, and it didn’t accumulate a whole lot, but between the natural snowfall and the stuff they had made Friday night, Wachusett was able to open a few more trails and another lift. They posted a picture on Facebook in the afternoon with a caption that said “two lifts open and no lines!” so Tim and I headed over to take advantage. Conditions were as good as I could have hoped for, and I was feeling super comfortable on my board. Another win, for sure.

At the summit of Tecumseh.
At the summit of Tecumseh.

On Sunday, we woke up early and headed to Waterville Valley with Tim’s friend Doug. Friday and Saturday had served as a chance to make sure I worked out any kinks, and that I would be ready to ride a “real” mountain. (I was.) We hiked up Tecumseh, which was roughly 3.5 miles of pretty shitty trail. There wasn’t enough snow cover for skins or snowshoes, but it wasn’t bare enough that you could just hike normally, either. After two-ish hours of very careful hiking, it was finally time for some fun. The conditions on the resort side of the mountain were amazing–almost spring-like–and made for some spectacular riding, minus my one hilarious wipe out. (Stupid snow snakes!) Sadly, Tim’s Contour wasn’t working, so we didn’t get any pictures…or footage of my awesome fall.

It’s hard to believe that after three days of playing on the snow, it’s already all gone. Rainy weather late yesterday and temps in the 50s today (and tomorrow, and the next day, ugh) have certainly stymied things a bit.

At least I got to have a little taste of winter, and I know I’ll be ready to ride once it’s here to stay!

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