Snow Day!

It finally snowed! Like, for real! (If you got snow too, you can thank/blame Tim…yesterday was his birthday and I’m pretty sure this is what he was wishing for.) We got somewhere between 6 and 8 inches overnight, which obviously meant I needed to do two things this morning:

One, bring Booker outside to see if he likes the snow.

He doesn't.
He doesn’t.

And two, go to Wachusett!

Tim likes it a lot, though!
Tim likes it a lot, though!

We got to Wachusett around 9 and it was already pretty busy, which made sense since it had finally snowed and  it’s school vacation week. Fortunately we were hiking, so we didn’t have to deal with the hordes of kids in the lift lines. The hiking was a lot tougher than I expected, though; I quickly remembered how much I hate snowshoeing, and how much I especially hate snowshoeing in snowboard boots. Usually snowshoeing is extra frustrating because Tim skins up and is about a billion times faster than me, but today his bindings refused to click into touring mode, so even he was moving kind of slow. When we finally made it to the top it was super cold and windy–and the snow had turned to rain–so we transitioned pretty quickly (well, Tim did…I still need to work on that) and reveled in the sweet, sweet snow on the way down.

Although today wasn’t a true “pow day,” it was a “real snow” day and that meant it was awesome. And I get to work from my couch for the rest of the day, which is also pretty awesome. Now if you’ll excuse me, my hot cocoa needs a refill and these Spring ’13 pack descriptions aren’t going to write themselves.

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