I’ll Never Learn

Last month, Tim and I got suckered into  foolishly agreed to  decided to participate in two big bike rides for charity. Normally, doing two events in a one-month period would be NBD…Tim has nothing to worry about, as he regularly rides his bike 30+ miles several times a week before work. And I ride enough (read: I’m stubborn enough) to agree to join him for an occasional long-ish ride on the weekend.

But in this case, the two rides were back-to-back: 100 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday. As you might imagine, my body—specifically the region below my waist and above my thighs—was less than thrilled by the end of the weekend.

Tim and I chugging along the 100-mile course of the New England Parkinson’s Ride on Saturday

A) I can’t be 100% certain, but I’m pretty sure that look on my face is my “I definitely should have prepared better for this” look
B) By “prepared better” I really just mean “prepared at all”
C) I have no idea who that guy behind us is, but it would have been nice if he looked like he was trying a little harder

[Photo cred: New England Parkinson’s Ride]

If you’re wondering why I never got around to writing about that weekend (which, unless you’re my grandmother, you probably aren’t), it’s mostly because I’m a lazy writer. But it’s also a little bit because, despite how much fun I had at both rides, I knew that anything I wrote would probably have been really whiny.

So here’s the short version of what I “learned” and would have written about that weekend: Knowing that I was going to be on my bike for more than 100 miles in a single weekend, I should probably have gone out for a few rides per week in the weeks leading up to it. (You’re welcome for sparing you all the crybaby details.)

Despite the odds, everyone on Matt’s (the one with the helmet) “Cycling 4 Sandie” team at Sunday’s
A Reason to Ride made it back in one piece for a post-ride, pre-Fuddrucker’s-burger group picture

You’ll notice that learned  is in quotation marks up there. That’s because I have one more big bike ride coming up.

It’s another century ride.

It’s on Sunday (as in, two days from now).

And I’ve ridden my bike twice in the past four weeks–for a grand total of 39.5 miles–to “prepare.”

It softens the blow a little bit coming from a corgi

So I guess I didn’t actually learn anything last month…except that I’m evidently pretty decent at manning up and/or some sort of cycling masochist. (Weird.) Maybe someday I’ll be smarter.

* * * * *

Tell me: What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done in regards to preparing/not preparing for an event? Are you like me and continuously make the same mistakes? Is there any hope for me/us?



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  1. You’re right, your grandmother has been waiting for you and Tim to get writing. I check every day, it’s good reading. As for preparing, usually if I did that you could bet the circumstances would change. You do awesome, so enjoy it and good luck. Where is this ride??


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