Rest Week

Last week, I did something I hadn’t done in nearly two years: nothing. I didn’t run. I didn’t get on a bike. I skipped boot camp. I didn’t even go to a single yoga class. (Despite the name of this site, I’m not much of a climber these days so I didn’t do that, either.) I didn’t do a damned thing and it was a really weird combination of awesome and horrible.

I did convince Tim to take me for a walk one night after dinner so I could monkey around on the playground for a while. But I’m pretty sure that still just counts as resting.

It was clear that my body needed a break. After 3 months of working out nearly every day—and occasionally 2 or 3 times a day—I allowed myself a single rest day immediately following the Pack race, which was maybe not the best idea ever. For some reason, I didn’t feel as wrecked as I expected I would after the race, so I thought I didn’t need a break. I finally started to feel tired and sore later in the week, so I took a couple of days off to rest up for a 10-mile hike in the Whites. Then, before I knew it, it was time for Wanderlust! My experience there was incredible (and deserves a post of its own, which I may get around to some day), but by the time I got home I felt incredibly worn out and had some sort of weird allergy/cold thing going on. It wasn’t fun.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 2.05.02 PM
Movesount says it was maaaaybe time to give myself a break.

As a lover of lists, this is the best way I can think of to break down how I feel about last week:

The Pros of Doing Nothing for a Week:

  • My body got the break it wanted (and coughing for 8 days was sort of like doing a mini ab workout, so yay?)
  • My gym locker got a chance to air out a little bit
  • I had one less load of laundry to do
  • I ate less than usual (this may have just been because I was also sick)
  • Not showering felt slightly less unacceptable
  • I was super excited to get back to working out this week

The Cons of Doing Nothing for a Week:

  • I learned that I’m a crazy person for more than the reasons I already knew (I don’t know how Tim, who is the craziest person I know when it comes to this stuff, got through 8 weeks of inactivity as gracefully as he did)
  • After giving my nose a week off, my gym just locker seems extra pungent now
  • Now that I’m doing things again, I’m back to being hungry ALL. DAY. LONG.
  • I showered this morning but went to the gym at lunch so now I feel like I need to shower again (I won’t, but I know I should…sorry, Tim)
  • EVERYTHING HURTS AND I FEEL LIKE I’M STARTING OVER (this is probably my fault for just jumping right back into boot camp yesterday instead of easing back into things…oops)
I’m 99% positive this will be me when I finally run again #AndyDwyerIsMySpiritAnimal

But perhaps the biggest con is that now I feel like I’m going to be wildly unprepared for climbing Mt Shasta when we get there next week(!). Tim assures me that I’ll be fine (something about “what’s done is done” and how I should be doing some sort of “taper” anyway), but I can’t shake the voice in my head telling me I should have been doing more to get ready.

I suppose we’ll find out who’s right soon enough.

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