NEHM Training: Week 3

Another successful week of training is in the books. In fact, Week 3 was arguably my most successful week so far! I didn’t do every workout (no surprise there), but I only skipped one and, most importantly, I finally hit double-digit running mileage for the week, which hasn’t happened in a VERY long time. So yay to that! Read on for all the nitty-gritty details if you want, or just skip right to the last part and follow the link to see the scary lesson I learned on Sunday (oooh, suspense!)…


Plan: Rest or cross-train  |  Actual: 3.5mi run (10:12 avg pace) + a lovely after-dinner walk

Once again, after having done very little exercise the previous day, taking a rest day didn’t feel right. A pre-work run wasn’t in the cards for me, so I hit the road at lunch for 3 and a half leisurely miles where I learned that if I’m ever feeling extra ambitious on a track workout day, I could run from my office to the track in under 20 minutes. I highly doubt I will ever actually do that, but it’s nice to know that it’s an option.

Tim and I had also discussed possibly hiking Pack Monadnock after work, but by the time I got home my motivation had severely waned. However, once I finished eating we did go for a fairly long walk around town (with many hills, obviously) and I met my new best friends, Jake and Bella.

This is Jake. Bella was not in the mood for our pawparazzi antics. Maybe next time.


Plan: 3mi easy (10:31ish pace) |  Actual: 3.2mi (10:28 avg pace) + Barre

In an attempt to beat the heat, I dragged myself out of bed early to hit the road for my easy 3-miler. My plan worked, and it was actually really nice out! Now if only I could do something about the Wilton hill situation and figure out how to prevent it from being a thousand degrees later in the day…


Plan: 2mi hills  |  Actual: 2.4mi, 8x hill repeats

Since it had been a really long time since I’ve done hill repeats, I decided to run the least-awful hill in town to ease myself back into it. By about the third or fourth repeat, I was really glad I’d made this call because if I had gone to run the auto road at Pack Monadnock (which had been my first thought when I saw hill day on the schedule), I absolutely would have died. My stomach revolted first (#crampsfordays), then everything else started screaming at me (#kneeshatedownhills). Hard to say if it was the actual hill running or the fact that, even though it was only 7am, it was already pretty hot and approximately 400% humidity that got to me. Either way, despite all the misery I forced myself to man up and finish the whole workout…just a little slower (and in a lot more discomfort) than I would have preferred.


Plan: Boot camp  |  Actual: Boot camp

You may have noticed that I went to Barre on Tuesday instead of Wednesday this week. It only happened because I had agreed to sub a class for one of the other teachers at the yoga studio in my town, but I may have to make it a permanent switch for the rest of this training cycle. With the extra day of “rest” between Barre and boot camp, the latter was way less miserable this week(!), which was a happy little surprise for me.


Plan: 4mi easy (10:31ish pace) |  Actual: Rest

I certainly didn’t intend for Friday to be a rest day but with a “feels like” temperature over 100º, running—or moving at all, for that matter—was just about the least appealing thing I could think of. Instead, when I got home from work that afternoon, I read a little of my book and watched a little TV, and then went out for a delicious dinner with some friends from yoga teacher training. And since I put a few miles in on Monday, I barely even felt bad about skipping my Friday Four.


Plan: Hike or Bike or Climb |  Actual: Hike Pack Monadnock

Tim went up north to hike with his friend Doug, but I had agreed to sub a couple of yoga classes that morning so I got left behind. It was really tempting to just lie on the couch and sulk/binge watch something on Netflix when I got home from the studio, but the little voice in my head saying “Stop being so lazy and go play outside!” was much more persistent than the “Shh, there’s nothing wrong with watching 5 hours of television!” voice. So after a quick lunch and a wardrobe change, I headed to Pack for a leisurely 3.5-mile jaunt in the woods.

When the air is this heavy, it's hard to tell if your clothes are soaked from sweat or from just absorbing moisture from the air
When the air is this heavy, it’s hard to tell if your clothes are soaked from sweat or from just absorbing moisture from the air.

Plan: Long run (9mi @ 10:31ish pace) |  Actual: 6.45mi (10:34 avg pace)

When I set out for Sunday’s long run, it quickly became evident that I wasn’t going to make it the whole 9 miles. I tried to distract myself from how horrible I felt by doing some mental running math and calculated that, under normal conditions—i.e., not day 4 of this dumb heat wave, and not convincing myself that a Gu and a glass of water constituted a suitable lunch before setting out on such an endeavor—I should be able to do 9 miles in about 90 minutes. I held that number in my mind and decided that I would totally ignore my pacing and just run for time instead. But somewhere around the 45-minute mark, even that started to feel impossible and I noticed that I kept getting chills (which I had never experienced before, and assumed wasn’t a good thing…a quick Google search when I got home confirmed my suspicions). My goal quickly changed from “90 minutes” to simply “longer (both time- and mile-wise) than any run so far in this training cycle.” Six and a half(ish) miles in 68 minutes satisfied my requirements and after my shower, I parked myself on the couch and refused to move any more than was absolutely necessary for the rest of the day.

And now…


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  1. As usual, you are amazing. I don’t know how you keep the schedule in this heat. PROUD OF YOU. By the way thanks for letting me know about chills in 90 degree weather, I thought i was getting the flu!!!!! Oh by the way I wasn’t running, lol !!! Be safe.

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