NEHM Training: Week 5

Throughout the first month of training, I had been pretty good about updating these recap posts on a daily basis—usually right after the workout while the details were still fresh in my mind—so that they’d be ready to publish on Monday. That ended in Week 5. (I can’t decide if it happened sooner or later than I thought it would. Maybe that means it happened exactly when I expected it to?)

The good news (for you) is that, since I’m scrambling to get this whole thing written during my lunch break on Monday, it might be the shortest recap so far. And maybe the least ramble-y. We’ll see.


Plan: Rest or cross-train  |  Actual: Barre

The 10-class pass I’d gotten on Groupon for the barre studio I’ve been going to was expiring sooner than I thought, so I had to double up on classes this week. This is probably something that I should be doing anyway, because 1) I’ve been getting an incredible workout every time I go, and 2) I really, really like it. Too bad I also like spending lazy nights at home with Tim and the kitties sometimes, and that I don’t have more weeknights at my disposal.

I mean, it’s kind of a miracle that I stay out on weeknights at all when I could just go home and hang out with this little weirdo every day instead.

Plan: 3mi easy (10:27ish pace) |  Actual: 3.2mi (9:54 avg pace)

Shortly before Tuesday’s run, I had been talking to my barre buddy, Stacey, and telling her that she had missed a fun class the night before. She asked if my legs were sore, and I enthusiastically replied, “so far, so good!” Then I ran…and things were no longer good. Between my memory of this run and the data from my watch, the first mile was okay, but then the wheels came off a little bit and my legs—particularly my calves—were like, “we quit.” I suppose that’s what I get for thinking that a trail run at a faster-than-easy pace less than 24 hours after a very leg-centric workout is a good idea.


Plan: 3mi speed (12 x 400m)  |  Actual: 3mi (0.5mi w/u & c/d, 8 x 400m) + Barre

I finally had a speed workout that I felt really good about! Whoo! I felt bad about cutting it short, but it was so hot and so miserable out and the repeats I did do went much better than I thought they would. Even with my half-mile warm up and cool down (done only so I would still hit 3 miles even if I skipped 4 repeats), my average pace was 7:47/mile, which is pretty fast for me, especially in the heat, and especially especially without anyone else there to push me.


After work, I went to barre again. I felt okay at the time, but in hindsight, my actions on Monday-Wednesday of last week may have been the reason I felt so dead and unmotivated the rest of the week.


Plan: Boot camp  |  Actual: Nada

So tired. Walking from my desk to the printer felt like more than enough of a workout. I tried asking Tim to talk me out of skipping boot camp for the second week in a row.  Instead, he told me I should take it easy. I’m sure he meant “just do an easier workout,” but doing nothing sounded—and felt—way better.


Plan: 4mi easy (10:27ish pace) |  Actual: 3.1mi (10:00 avg pace)

I was lucky enough to run at Mine Falls again this week, but the weather was a lot grosser and my whole body was still pretty tired despite the rest day on Thursday, so somewhere around the end of the first mile I decided that 3 miles would be good enough. And they were at a faster pace than my training plan called for, so at least there was that.



Plan: Hike/Bike/Climb  |  Actual: Climb

Another disgustingly hot day had Tim and I seeking the air conditioned comfort of the rock gym Saturday morning—especially since we knew we would be spending the entire afternoon outdoors at our friend’s Pig Roast. I was a bit slow-moving, which meant we didn’t have enough time to rope climb, but we were able to get a decent bouldering sesh in. Yay!


Plan: 4mi easy (10:27ish pace) |  Actual: Work! Nails! Chores! Walk! Ice cream & TV!

Hahaha, remember last week when I was like, “oh, I’ll just make up the long run I bailed on this week next Sunday?” Yeah, that didn’t happen. I went right from the yoga class I teach on Sunday mornings to “Girl’s Day” with my friend Stacey and one of our buddies from Special Olympics. The three of us went to lunch and then got our nails done, and it was a really fun afternoon. By the time I got home and caught up on dishes and dinner prep, it was too late and I was already too hot (someday we’ll have air conditioning in our house!), so I melted into the couch and Hulu’d instead. I convinced Tim to go for a walk with me afer dinner, but then we started talking about ice cream so we cut the walk short, went to Hayward’s to indulge our inner fat kids, watched an episode of The Night Of, read books for a little while, and called it a night. Eventually I’ll get around to that long run…

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  1. I keep telling you it’s too damn hot !!! But, ice cream, TV and reading sounds like something I’d join in!! You’re the best, BUT you are nuts. Your crazy Nana 🙂

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