NEHM Training: Week 6

Something semi-miraculous has happened: for the first time in a very long time, I actually completed an entire week of training! And almost exactly as planned! Go me!!

Buddy would have been so proud of me this week!


Plan: Rest or cross-train  |  Actual: Barre

That Groupon I mentioned last week expired this Monday, so the plan was to just double up on classes again this week. This class was particularly difficult and made me feel like the least coordinated person in the room. (I’m the type of person who generally hates things I’m not very good at but, for some reason, barre is an exception.) I can only hope that my complete lack of mini-band skills was entertaining for anyone who happened to glance over in my direction.

Apparently, this is what you’re supposed to look like when you do mini-band kickbacks?
This is NOT what I looked like.

Plan: 3mi easy (10:27ish pace) |  Actual: 3.1mi (9:35 avg pace) + a walk around town

New England weather is finally starting to calm down and settle into a place that I deem comfortable (mid-70s, partly cloudy) for a run. I took to the road for an easy-paced 5k at lunch on Tuesday, and I only had to wait about 45 minutes for the sweat to stop before changing back into my normal clothes afterward instead of the usual hour. I’m really excited for fall when that time frame will become even shorter, and I bet my coworkers will like me a lot more when I’m no longer sitting around in my running clothes for extended periods of time.

When I got home from work, our slow cooker dinner wasn’t quite ready yet so Tim and I wandered around town for a little while and soaked up some more of the glorious weather.


Plan: 5mi tempo (1mi w/u, 3mi @ 8:56, 1mi c/d)  |  Actual: 3.5mi tempo (8:56 avg pace) + 3mi easy (9:56 avg pace)

Barre Buddy and I decided to skip our usual Wednesday night class (perhaps both of our egos were still a little bruised from Monday?) and go for a run together after work instead. She’s just getting back into running after a long break from it and suggested an easy 3 miler around Mine Falls—and kept warning me that she’d probably take a lot of walk breaks. So rather than waste time with a mile-long warm up and cool down on my tempo run at lunch, I decided to just do the actual tempo miles and was pretty pumped about actually hitting the pace my training plan prescribed! I figured this would leave me tired enough that I wouldn’t mind the frequent walk breaks later.

During my run with Barre Buddy, I learned that she’s a bit of a sandbagger (she only slowed down, like, twice) and did my best to not ask for a walk break when I wanted one so I wouldn’t throw her off her groove. She showed me a really fun loop around a different area of the park, and when we finished my legs didn’t feel nearly as dead as I had expected them to. In summary: 10/10, would repeat this day again.


Plan: Boot camp  |  Actual: Boot camp

Nothing to report here other than I finally got my tuckus back to the Y for boot camp at lunch. Skipping it two weeks in a row was not ideal and I definitely felt it, but it appears as though adding barre into the mix has helped keep me in decent enough boot camp shape, and I didn’t collapse into a sweaty ball of pain and self-loathing at any point. So at least there was that.

I may have been doing this on the inside, but I did a pretty good job of keeping it together for the benefit of everyone else in the class.

Plan: 4mi easy (10:27ish pace) |  Actual: 23.6mi bike ride (13.8mph avg)

My office does “Summer Fridays,” where we can leave basically any time after 1pm. As much as I detest being cooped up in my cubicle all day, I generally stuck around until 3 or 3:30 this summer due solely to the fact that the office has air conditioning and my apartment does not. But since this was Labor Day weekend and this Friday was our last “Summer Friday,” I took full advantage and peaced out just after 1, which meant I had ample time for a lovely afternoon bike ride with Tim. We rode out to Greenfield State Park and I was so happy about summer ending (even though it’s still not technically over for a few more weeks) ((and yes, I know I’m weird for not liking summer)) that I barely even complained about all the hills.


Plan: Hike or Bike or Climb |  Actual: Climb!

Saturday morning consisted of an early wake-up, a delicious pumpkin muffin (it’s September! Pumpkin things are officially fair game!), and a mad dash to climb as many routes at Rumney as possible before it got overcrowded with holiday weekenders. Tim and I met with Doug and his friend Nick and climbed for a solid seven hours before deciding it was beer o’clock and calling it a day. Unfortunately, there are no pictures from the day (since there was an even number of us, we were all always either climbing or belaying), so here is one from a couple weekends ago that we can just pretend is from this trip:


Plan: Long run (10mi @ 10:27ish pace) |  Actual: 10.1mi (9:57 avg pace)

See? I told you I’d get around to this eventually! I purposely made this run very easy for myself, driving to the (almost) end of the Pack Monadnock 10 Miler course and running home. But 10 miles is still a lot of miles, even on a net-downhill route, and by the time I made it home I was pretty cooked. My quads were dead, a weird ache in my lower right leg that had plagued me for most of the week came back (after two days of low-impact activity, it had mostly disappeared), and it felt like there wasn’t enough water in the world to sufficiently rehydrate myself (beer counts as water, right?). BUT! I did it! Ten miles, with zero walk breaks—although I did slow down a little bit once to gobble at a flock of turkeys…and another time to apologize to a horse for startling it—and, most importantly, no angry belly. I know my average pace is well-padded by the fact that I picked a route with minimal uphills, but even if it’s not a totally accurate representation of what I’m actually capable of at this point, I’m still pretty damn pleased with myself about it.

Fun fact: even the tiniest of uphills feels HUGE when the rest of the route is downhill.

Now hopefully I can carry this momentum into Week 7 (and beyond)!

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  1. You know I get exhausted just reading this! Is it ok if I buy some beer to have while I put my feet up?? Good job, as usual. Keep running safely, and writing. Your #1 fan

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