NEHM Training: Week 7

I still don’t know where all that motivation came from during Week 6, but it certainly didn’t stick around very long. Week 7, while not totally terrible, saw me slip back into my standard half-hearted way of training and was my lowest mileage week yet (at least as far as running is concerned). Oops. Part of the problem was Monday being a holiday, so I felt a day off the rest of week. Another part was that mid-way through the week, the weather decided it needed one last (I hope) gasp of hot-and-miserable-ness before settling down for fall. But, as usual, the biggest part of the problem was that I am too busy and enjoy doing far too many things and don’t have the necessary focus to completely throw myself at this training situation. Maybe I’ll acquire that personality trait in my next life.

Meanwhile, in this lifetime, I have much more important things to do.

But enough with the babbling intro business. Here’s how Week 7 went down…


Plan: Rest or cross-train  |  Actual: 32mi bike ride (13.2mph avg) + climb

*Sigh*…if only every Monday could be a holiday! Tim and I woke up early to meet up with a friend for a bike ride. It was chilly and hilly and kind of slow (that’s just how I roll; going fast on the bike is still moderately terrifying to me, despite spending the past 5 or so years trying to figure out how to make it less scary), but a lot of fun. Afterward, we made a quick pit stop for Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies and headed to the rock gym for some post-ride bouldering. Days like this will always be preferable to a day at the office.


Plan: 3mi easy (10:26ish pace) |  Actual: Rest

For some reason, I was totally exhausted (and had a cranky ankle from a hilarious-yet-painful fall toward the end of Monday’s bouldering session) on Tuesday. I couldn’t force myself out of bed early enough to run before work, and by the time lunch rolled around I’d decided I would rather put the finishing touches on the sequence for my yoga class that night and poke around the internet. I felt bad for a minute, then looked at my Movescount calendar and realized I had only taken one actual rest day in the previous 3 weeks and felt a lot better about my decision.

Weeks 4-6. When you look at it this way, it almost seems like I’m taking training semi-seriously. Weird.

Plan: 3mi speed (6 x 800m)  |  Actual: 3.5mi elliptical “speed work”

When I woke up on Wednesday, I still felt a little run down (heh…running puns), but I was actually sort of looking forward to my track workout. I like track days a lot more than I like tempo days, and even though I know I should probably be doing both types of speed work each week, I really like the way I’ve been alternating between them instead. So there. Anyway, I was pretty disappointed to see the track was closed when I got to the Y (the weather was shitty and I’m afraid of being kicked off the middle school track now that kids are back in school). I may have mentioned here before that treadmills and I can’t even pretend to get along, and doing speed work on the elliptical is exactly as boring as it sounds. But I got it done—0.25mi warm up, 6 x 0.5mi with 30 seconds rest in between, 0.25mi cool down—and then realized that I actually could have gotten onto the track if I’d paid more attention and noticed the “detour” signs to an alternate entrance. Burn.

I guess what I’m getting at here is this: you know how you always see things like “‘I really regret that workout’ said no one ever” memes? Well, I’m saying it now. I definitely could have gone without this one.


Plan: Boot camp  |  Actual: Boot camp

Earlier in the week, I had teased Tim about being old when he whined about one of his workouts destroying his legs. As someone who unwaveringly believes in karma, I should have known better and offered him a calf massage the first time he complained instead of two days later. Boot camp this week felt awesome at the time, but about halfway through the class, I could tell that I would be the sore one soon.


Plan: 4mi easy (10:26ish pace) |  Actual: 2.5mi walk

As expected, I woke up Friday morning with the world’s sorest thighs—and I’m only exaggerating a tiny bit. For the past week or so, I’ve been sleeping in compression socks every night, which has done wonders for my calves and feet, but does nothing for me above the knees. (Once the nights get cold, I may trade in my sleep shorts for sleep compression tights…that’s a thing, right?) Running, even at an easy pace, felt very much out of the question so I skipped it without even giving it a second thought. Not wanting the day to be a total loss, I talked Tim into a longer-than-usual walk around town after dinner.


Plan: Hike/Bike/Climb  |  Actual: Hike & Climb

With an early wake-up call and legs still sore from Thursday, I very briefly considered bailing on the boys for Saturday’s Henderson Ridge adventure. But I knew I’d have way more fun frolicking up Mount Washington with Tim & Company than I would have at home by myself, so I jumped gingerly crawled out of bed, pulled all my gear together, and we headed north. Excessively sweaty hiking, more-fun-than-it-should-be climbing,  questionable weather, and general hilarity and good times ensued. Skipping this trip would have absolutely been one of the worst decisions I could have made…hooray for fighting the urge to stay in bed all day!

Movin’ on up.
Tim trying to be brave on the Diving Board.
Nick and Doug enjoying the wild, rainy ride back to the bottom in the bed of some guy’s truck.

Plan: Long run (10mi @ 10:27ish pace) |  Actual: 4.2mi (9:59 avg pace)

My sister and I were planning on going to the beach as soon as I finished teaching, so I knew I’d have to get my miles in early if I wanted to get them in at all. I also knew that a 10-miler wasn’t happening—partially because, after a long day in the mountains, it didn’t sound even a tiny bit appealing and partially because it looked like the skies were going to open up any second—so my plan became “run 4 miles or until it starts raining, whichever comes first.” I finished the run just in time for it to get crazy windy and dark, then it rained pretty hard for about 5 minutes. And that was that. By the end of my yoga class, it was a gorgeous late-summer day that would have been perfect for beaching, but we didn’t want to press our luck so we grabbed some lunch, played a round of mini-golf, made fools of ourselves in bumper boats, ate ice cream, and hit some balls in the batting cages. If you ask me, all of that is definitely equivalent to 6 miles of running (except way more fun), so I’m just gonna go ahead and pretend that I did, in fact, do my long run again this week.

Right? Right.

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  1. As usual a great week. I liked your saying you always had too much you wanted to do. Girl. that’s been true since you could walk. Sounds like a perfect day with Laura, and you deserve it.
    Keep running and smiling. Your #1 Fan

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