Making Decisions

Deciding things has never been a strength of mine. In most cases, I do whatever I can to avoid making decisions. It doesn’t matter how big or small the decision is, or how important it is or isn’t. (Just ask my friend Stacey, who recently witnessed this interaction with Tim—Me: What do you want me to get at the store for dinner? Tim: No way, Sundays are your day to decide! Me: *pathetic face* Tim: But just get something easy, like burgers. I want bacon on mine, and we already have some at home. You’ll have to grab cheese, though. And some sort of potato. Me: Done! Tim: And now that I’ve decided what you’re picking up for dinner, can you at least decide the potato part?) It’s not that I’m necessarily incapable of decision making, it’s just that most of the time I honestly don’t care what the outcome is. But not, like, in an I-can’t-be-bothered-to-care way…more like an I’m-just-so-chill-I’ll be-cool-with-whatever-happens way. (Being me is exhausting.)

But last week? Damnnn, did I make some decisions.

If you know me in real life, or at least follow me on social media, you probably know by now that Tim and I are buying a house! It’s all very exciting and very overwhelming and happening very fast. (You may recall that I bemoaned the home-buying process for a hot second last week. Things escalated pretty quickly after that.) Basically, we looked at 3 houses last Wednesday, instantly fell in love with House #2, found out how many other people were interested in said house, and put an offer in the next morning. A handful of people suggested writing a note to the seller, so I did. Our realtor called just as we were sitting down for dinner Thursday night to let us know our offer was accepted. Perhaps the key to getting shit done is treating decisions like ripping off band-aids: move fast, make a funny face for a minute, then enjoy a nice deep breath when it’s all over. (Although, in this case, I don’t think I can really take that deep breath until I sign approximately 9,176 more papers.)


So that was obviously the BIG decision of the week. But since big decisions lead to other decisions (or so I assume, anyway—feel free to confirm/deny in the comments), this story obviously doesn’t end there…and here’s where it gets relevant to this blog, which is, at least in name, about running and climbing and general adventuring, not house shopping.

After immediately settling into financial panic mode, I started thinking of ways to not spend any unnecessary dollars. Unfortunately, that meant two things:

  1. I’m bailing on the half marathon
  2. We’re cutting our Colorado vacation short

While I’m sort of bummed about the first decision, I think it makes the most sense. I’m sure it’s no coincidence I hadn’t registered yet (the universe always knows what it wants!) and the past few weeks of “training” were fairly lackluster. I would be really annoyed with myself if I showed up on race day and ended up taking longer than 2 hours to finish yet again. And now I can teach my regular Sunday morning yoga class that day and make some money instead of spending it. So at least there’s that.

Decision number two is the one that really bums me out, but again it makes the most sense. When we first booked the trip, our itinerary was: poke around Denver on Friday, go to my friend’s wedding on Saturday, then spend the next 6 days either mountain biking in Utah or staying in Colorado to ski, depending on the weather. Then we never really gave any more thought to it and suddenly it was October and we were like, “uhh, so what should we do out there?” Fortunately, in the same way I procrastinated with signing up for the half marathon, we hadn’t booked any hotels or the rental car yet. Moving our return flights up four days only cost an extra $9. And now we’ll still have a few post-wedding days to play AND have at least $600-$700 (by our estimates) more to throw at closing costs or a new couch or a dining room table or therapy for the cats who probably thought/hoped they’d never have to move again after the last one.

I know that by the time we close on the house in November this will all feel like it was worth the hassle. Even as of now, I know the decisions Tim and I have made over the last five days are the “right” ones. But making responsible decisions will never, ever be as satisfying as making fun decisions. And not making them at all will always be my preference.

Now excuse me while I get back to waiting for Tim to tell me trying to decide what we’re doing after that wedding…

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  1. ok I have my hand raised–ME FIRST, ME FIRST!!! OH adulthood is really a fun place if you work it right!! Oh the very thought of buying furniture, makes me giddy. Boy then will you have decisions. I personally spend several hours a week on line looking for one little table, (it’s been at least a month) SOOOOO the question is———-now——–can we give you a shower??? lol OK leave me alone I’m just a little old crazy Nana. Besides you owe me for putting that horrible scary picture of me on facebook. You will do fine and you’ll settle in and be so happy. And just think you will spend this Christmas, with a lovely big tree, in your own home. It will be so romantic, you won’t need mistletoe. But Tim is going to turn the heat on, those pipes are his now, and boy they get nasty if they freeze. Years of Happiness and good luck. Your #1 fan

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