Acadia Weekend

When the idea of a Peck family weekend getaway was first proposed, it was back in August as a way to celebrate Tim’s dad’s 70th birthday. Life had other plans for that time though, so it was postponed for a few months. This past weekend was our make-up weekend, and boy, did it turn out to be a good one (despite the not-totally-cooperative weather). Read on if you feel so inclined or just do what I would do and scroll through the pictures πŸ˜‰

Day One…

After way too many hours in the car (and a few too many Popeye’s chicken tenders for Tim), we needed to do something to stretch our legs (and “earn” the beers we were already planning to drink later anyway), so we made a beeline for the Beehive, our favorite short hike in the park. It did not disappoint:

Looking down at Sand Beach from the middle of the Beehive
My busy little hiker bee
Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you…while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.
— John Muir

Once we felt sufficiently loosened up, we met up with the rest of the family at our house for the weekend. Beers were consumed, a delicious lasagna was devoured, and A LOT of desserts washed it all down.

Day Two…

The weather forecast for the weekend wasn’t the best, but we all wanted to catch sunrise from the summit of Cadillac Mountain (the first place the sun rises in the U.S. [for part of the year, anyway]!) and Saturday looked like it was going to be the best morning for it. We dragged ourselves out of bed just before 5am and drove to the mountain to watch the day wake up:

That white dot is Venus! (Even though they usually just look like really bright stars, I always get really excited when you can see other planets with the naked eye.)
So sleepy. But so worth it…
Good morning, sun!

Once the sun was up, we went back to the house for a couple hours to eat breakfast, wake up a little bit more, and get ourselves ready to climb the Beehive. Katie, Emily, and Joel wanted to do it the direct way, so I went up with them while Tim hiked up the back side with his parents. We all met up at the summit and took this super cute family photo:

After our Beehive/Bowl hike, we walked up the road to check out Thunder Hole. We got there just after high tide, though, meaning the hole was completely submerged and not making any thundery noises which was kind of a bummer. (The first time I ever went to Acadia, I got really lucky and Thunder Hole was awesome. But the last few times I’ve gone back, it’s been a bit of a letdown. Such is life I suppose.)

Everyone was ready for more food after that, so we went back to the house for some nibbles. Tim, Katie, and I had planned on riding our bikes around the park at some point over the course of the weekend, and even though it had started to get cloudy and windy, Saturday afternoon’s weather still looked better than Sunday’s so we headed out after lunch while everyone else went on a wildlife cruise.

The Park Loop feels a lot hillier on a bike than it does in a car (go figure), so we took advantage of this little scenic vista for a very quick, andΒ very welcome, photo break.

Day Three…

Tim had to hike Cadillac to finish up a new piece he was writing for goEast, so even though the weather looked pretty bad for the day, we tackled the 7ish-mile South Ridge Trail on Sunday morning. It was really fun and the views were great as you can see (πŸ™„):

After we let the wind push us around the mountain for a couple of hours, we went to meet up with the rest of Tim’s family, who had hiked out to Great Head while we did Cadillac, for lunch. Just as the waitress took our order, the power went out in most of the shops and restaurants (the Ashley weather jinx strikes again!). We left and found the one restaurant that had a generator and ate lunch with pretty much everyone else in Bar Harbor, poked our heads in a few of the shops, and then called it quits for the day.

Day Four…

At some point in the night, the house we were staying in lost water. As everyone woke up and realized there was no way to use the bathroom or shower, we speed-packed our stuff and went to Jordan’s Restaurant for some blueberry pancakes. Tim and I also wanted to give Thunder Hole another try before leaving but we had some time to kill first, so we moseyed around town a little bit more and wrapped things up with a pit stop at Choco-Latte.


Thunder Hole was, once again, uneventful (one of these days, we’ll catch it in action!), which meant it was, sadly, time to get in the car and head home. It was Columbus Day, so the roads were a little extra traffic-y…but at least Maine DOT put these signs up along the highway to keep me entertained:

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  1. Amazing post! Thanks so much for sharing your adventures with us. Acadia is one of my all time favorite locations. πŸ™‚


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