Stuff & Things: A Life Update, Vol. 2

As usual, I’ve let things go far too long without writing about them. And, as usual, I’ve made an unofficial “resolution” to revive this site and write more regularly. We’ll see how long that actually lasts. (As usual.)

Much like the last time I did a life update post, I’ll do my best to not overwhelm you with words as I recap the past few months of my life for my grandmother. I’m not naive enough to think that anyone besides her will read whatever drivel finds its way onto this particular pagesorry Doug, no #revenlations this time!so, for the rest of you, there will be pictures to look at instead.


In the spirit of what this blog is *supposed* to be about, I’ll start with a running update. I’ve been doing more than “very little” of it, but not much more. Actually, for the last month I’ve gone for a lot more walks than runs because of this guy…

Yes, I finally got a dog! (And yes, he has his own Instagram.) And despite what you may think about your own dog, or other dogs you know, he is THE BEST DOG EVER. Tim and I wanted a pup who could hang during adventures and, after a lot of research, decided an Australian Shepherd was the perfect breed for us. We found this 2-year-old mini Aussie through an amazing rescue organization and have spent the last four weeks fawning over him the way I imagine normal people do over their small children. Eventually he’ll be a great running/hiking(/mountain biking?🤞) buddy, but he definitely needs to learn how to pace himself better first.

We have enjoyed a handful of runs together so far, including the four-miler that preceded this selfie. Our first mile was at an 8:55 pace. Our last was at a 10:01 pace. Like most new runners, he just gets really excited…aaand then gets really tired. He doesn’t ever seem to mind all that much, though, as long as there are a few treats and some sweat to lick off my face at the end.
Tim and I also took Flurry for his first hike a little over a week after bringing him home. We tried to pick an easy one (Welch-Dickey), but the poor little guy’s pacing problems—and the fact the snow was basically over his head near the summit—meant that we didn’t actually finish the loop. Oh well…he’ll make it to the top next time!

I also have some fairly exciting news that is more or less running related—at least in the sense that it will, in theory, push me to start running more often again— but I’m not allowed to share it quite yet. Check back the first week of February to read all about it!


As far as climbing goes, I’ve been doing even less of that than running lately…but I have logged a handful of gym days in the past few weeks. Much to my delight/Tim’s dismay, I tend to not lose my climbing fitness as much or as fast as I do other forms of fitness, so despite only climbing five or six days over the last couple of months, I can still outclimb him.

A fun development in my climbing world is that the 11-year-old girl I mentor (let’s call her “CC”) is starting to get into it! Just as I trust Flurry to be a great adventure dog in a few months, I have no doubt that CC will be outclimbing Tim and me by springtime.

Go, CC, go!
(Also, please note the giant pile of chalk Tim spilled at the base of that post. Can’t take him anywhere! 🙄)

Last winter, I finally got out to ice climb for the first time in way too long and reminded myself how much I love it. I’m hoping to get out again—and even more—this season (as soon as I pony up for a pair boots that actually fit me), so stand by for an update on that, too.


Tim refuses to buy me a fat bike and I can’t afford one for myself because I’ve spent pretty much all my money on the dog, so I have not ridden any bikes since November. But I did bring my road bike in from the shed the other day, and maybe in another week or two I’ll put it on the trainer and pretend like I’m actually going to get on it.

In the meantime, I’ve been having lots of freezing cold fun riding my snowboard instead—and I’ve even clicked into my skis a few times!

New Year’s Day hike & ride, Mt. Tecumseh
(Crotched Mountain)
Dawn patrol, Pat’s Peak


Despite having not written anything here since early December, I’ve had some things published elsewhere. Tim finally convinced me to start writing for goEast, and it’s been a pretty fun endeavor. If you’re interested and haven’t already seen them, here are the three goEast articles I’ve written so far:

MntnReview: Where You’ll Find Me by Ty Gagne
Gifts for Girls Who are “One of the Guys”
Senior Superlatives: Ski Resort Bars

I suppose that about wraps things up for now. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be hearing from me again in the very near future (like, next week, I hope). And just in case it turns out I can’t manage getting out weekly posts, here are a few more puppy pictures to hold you over…

Cats are scary!
(Especially when they have laser beam eyes!)
I brought Flurry to work for a little while one day so he could meet our main office dog. They got along well(ish).
Aww, look at him sleeping with his head on the pillow LIKE HE’S PEOPLE

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  1. Now you knew this was coming, so here I am, the aforementioned grandmother!!!! About time girl, I’ve had to resort to reading cheap novels!! But this was worth it, and I even had one to read from the tall one. Love the pictures of our newest family member. He has some “goodies” waiting for him at your Mom’s house from his favorite Nana. Be careful taking him out in this cold, his little paws are delicate. 🙂 I’ll remind you next week to write the next installment. Your #1 fan

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m pretty much in love with him, haha. And having a dog for a running buddy definitely makes it more fun, but trying to train them to do it in the winter is certainly a challenge (there have been a lot of slip-and-almost-falls on icy patches of sidewalk for both of us!)

      Liked by 1 person

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