Acadia Weekend

When the idea of a Peck family weekend getaway was first proposed, it was back in August as a way to celebrate Tim's dad's 70th birthday. Life had other plans for that time though, so it was postponed for a few months. This past weekend was our make-up weekend, and boy, did it turn out... Continue Reading →

Stuff & Things: A Life Update

Last time we spoke (and by "spoke," I obviously mean "I wrote some words and you maybe read them"),  I had recently returned from a trip to Colorado/Utah and was in the midst of buying a house. Here are a few pictures to jog your memory… Aside from closing on the house, a lot of... Continue Reading →


"How does it feel to be the most irritating person on the planet?" Tim asked as he lowered me off the first 5.10 of the morning, the one he couldn't quite finish just a few minutes earlier. I responded in what felt like the most appropriate way possible: a half-assed attempt at pretending it had... Continue Reading →

Once Upon a Vacation

As you know by now, Tim and I went on our annual fall climbing trip to the south three weeks ago. I thought that waiting to write about my vacation would make it easier for two reasons: I assumed that if I waited a little while, working on this post wouldn't make me sad and... Continue Reading →


Tim is much better at getting things written and posted in a timely manner…let this post about our climbing trip last week hold you over until I finally get around to writing mine!

The Outdoor Ninja

Ever since discovering the amazing climbing the southeastern United States has to offer, the southern climbing trip has become a near-annual rock climbing pilgrimage for Ashley and I. Nothing wraps up the climbing season–and kind of kicks off the ski season–as well as a late-fall climbing trip to Alabama and Tennessee. The weather in the southeast in late October/early November closely resembles the weather we experience in New England in early September, and as the northeast braces for its first freeze, I am happy to escape and enjoy some warmth a little while longer.  Furthermore, the foliage there peaks around this time, offering a idyllic fall setting.

Ashley climbing an arete in the Skywalker area, HP40

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For Nana/January Recap

My grandmother politely informed me yesterday that it had been a while since my last post. (My apologies to anyone else out there who cares as much as Nana does.) So this post is mostly for her, and partly to convince myself that even though I felt pretty lazy most of the month, I really... Continue Reading →

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