New England Half Marathon Training: Week 2

Whooo, Week 2 is over and I haven't yet given up either training or writing a recap of it! Success! Maybe in Week 3, I'll even actually do all of the prescribed workouts! Monday Plan: Rest or cross-train  |  Actual: 10mi spin Having skipped my long run, which is arguably the most important workout of... Continue Reading →

10 Things I Hate About the Track*

I hate the way you're super flat And how it makes me think I'm fleet I hate the way you make my lungs burn I hate it when my heart wants to burst at every beat I hate your long, dumb straightaways And the way they're always breezy I hate you so much it makes... Continue Reading →

Racing Don’ts (and one Do)

In case you didn't know, New Hampshire has kind of a big drug problem these days. So when Mama Reven sent me an email about a trail race in my hometown that was raising money to help fight the statewide heroin issue, it seemed like a good idea. After all, I like trail running and... Continue Reading →

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