A Triumphant(?) Return to Writing, Part 2

Since this is just a continuation of my last post (and it's long enough as it is), I see no need to bore you with any sort of intro (you're welcome). So, let's get to it... MAY: May involved a lot (for me) of running (20/31 days! who even am was I??), including a couple... Continue Reading →

A Triumphant(?) Return to Writing, Part 1

It's been so long since I've written anything just for fun, that it feels a little bit weird to even be trying right now. I wish I could pinpoint what happened to make this all seem more like a chore than something I actually enjoy doing so I could avoid it in the future, but... Continue Reading →

Nerds on the Run

When Tim and I got home from the Demo Tour last year, I thought it was really cool to be able to say I had run in 10 different states over the course of the summer. But now I can say that I've run in 6 states over the course of a¬†weekend,¬†which is clearly way... Continue Reading →

Better late than never

I had nearly given up on the idea of ever writing this post. But in the airport bar prior to our flight home from Colorado, I accidentally crossed the oh-so-delicate line between alcohol-induced, sleep-like-a-baby bliss and oh-my-god-will-i-ever-sleep-again agony. This led to me reading all the running magazines I had in my backpack, which then led... Continue Reading →

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