Cupcake ban update, pre-race freak out, and race day goals

The update Giving up sweet, delicious baked things for two weeks turned out to be a lot less awful than I anticipated. I did whine every time Tim ate cookies, but I never caved in and ate one myself...even when I baked them for him! I did cheat a tiny bit, though. There were a... Continue Reading →

If I seem a little extra bitchy in the next 2 weeks, this is why

About a month and a half ago, I decided that if I could get down to 125 pounds by race day, I'd have a better chance of finishing/not dying somewhere between mile 15 and the end. So I started to keep a little food journal (which really does work surprisingly well, and also helped me... Continue Reading →

For Nana/January Recap

My grandmother politely informed me yesterday that it had been a while since my last post. (My apologies to anyone else out there who cares as much as Nana does.) So this post is mostly for her, and partly to convince myself that even though I felt pretty lazy most of the month, I really... Continue Reading →

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