Nerds on the Run

When Tim and I got home from the Demo Tour last year, I thought it was really cool to be able to say I had run in 10 different states over the course of the summer. But now I can say that I've run in 6 states over the course of a¬†weekend,¬†which is clearly way... Continue Reading →

Shoe Envy

Can you be jealous of your own awesome new shoes? I feel like it might be a little weird, but seriously...these shoes are obviously incredible: I got these bad boys last week, but I didn't want to take them out before racing on Saturday and risk the plethora of ailments new running shoes can sometimes... Continue Reading →

The Art of Knowing When to Kick

I ran the Holyoke St. Patrick's Road Race on Saturday with two of my most favorite people, Nicole and Andrew. It was our second time running it, but this year was much different from last year. For one thing, this year it was 35 degrees, cloudy, and kind of windy out, while last year was... Continue Reading →

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