10 Things I Hate About the Track*

I hate the way you're super flat And how it makes me think I'm fleet I hate the way you make my lungs burn I hate it when my heart wants to burst at every beat I hate your long, dumb straightaways And the way they're always breezy I hate you so much it makes... Continue Reading →

New England Half Marathon Training: Episode 1

In case the last post didn't give it away, I'm not a huge fan of summer. Sweating from every inch of my body while working out is bad enough. Sweating while just thinking about going outside when it's 90º or more is terrible. Going outside to work out when it's 90º or more is the... Continue Reading →

Racing Don’ts (and one Do)

In case you didn't know, New Hampshire has kind of a big drug problem these days. So when Mama Reven sent me an email about a trail race in my hometown that was raising money to help fight the statewide heroin issue, it seemed like a good idea. After all, I like trail running and... Continue Reading →


"How does it feel to be the most irritating person on the planet?" Tim asked as he lowered me off the first 5.10 of the morning, the one he couldn't quite finish just a few minutes earlier. I responded in what felt like the most appropriate way possible: a half-assed attempt at pretending it had... Continue Reading →

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